Liferay Training and Tools

A NEW kind of learning experience.Tactical video based training and tutorials designed to help you MASTER your Liferay solutions. Best of all - it's FREE.


Build it right, the FIRST time.

Shorten your delivery times and level up the quality of your solutions.

Mastering Liferay, and its tools, are designed to assist you through out your learning and development processes. Get the answers you need, when you need them, and use our tools to organize and track your journey on the road to Mastering Liferay.


INTUITIVE to the way you work and learn.

Eliminate the noise. Get only the answers you need to get your work done.

Find the information you need to meet tight deadlines, reducing the stress and pressure associated with delivery. Our workflow is designed to work the way you work.

  • Search the catalog based for your requirement
  • Watch a 10 - 15 minute video with the information you need
  • Implement your requirement with your new found knowledge
  • Complete your task, and deliver your work

Master Liferay -- one feature at a time.

  1. Search
  2. Watch
  3. Code
  4. Master

Tools designed to ENHANCE your experience

Saved Videos

Watch it later, or watch it again. Maybe it's that one thing you just always forget, or something you know you're going to need in the future, saved videos let's you create a virtual bookmark content for future use.


Stay organized. It could be a set of videos for features you use on a project or a list of items for a feature you've been dying to learn. Collections help curate the content you need to get up to speed quickly.

Video History

See your progress. Didn't save that video? Can't remember the name? No problem. Video history let's you go back in time so that you can see and re-watch content from your past.

Sample Code

Deliver faster. Sample code and snippets that you use to follow along. A companion tool to test drive a new feature or for those who want template code to use as a starting point in their project features.

Learning Paths

Master features and use cases. Stitch together a few concepts or tasks to paint a bigger picture. Learning paths are designed to walk you through the process of building out a functional component.

Search Ahead and Filters

Find exactly what you need. Avoid the information overload and apply filters to whittle down the catalog to just the stuff you need. Search ahead and search filters help you get right to what you need.


Be a part of the solution. Be a part of the ever growing catalog by sharing your ideas for content that you think the community might need or want to see. Mastering Liferay is about solving problems as a collective.

... and More!

Just the beginning. We have a long road map filled with ideas and features that are coming down the pipe, all designed to assist and enhance your learning and development experience when working with Liferay.

BREAK THROUGH barriers with ease.

Stop wasting time searching for answers you can't find. Mastering Liferay helps you build solutions one requirement at a time. Deliver faster, better, higher quality products all while making it look easy. Become the LIFERAY HERO on your team.

Register now and start your hero training today.